Unseen & Unheard is a free monthly salon series produced by Mason Holdings, and hosted by Tracy Weller.  We offer a place for emerging or unknown artists to explore the peripheries of our consciousness; to be seen and heard while potentially lending a voice to the unseen and unheard.  We focus on endangered stories of the dispossessed or marginalized, but we welcome all work with an experimental, exploratory edge.  Actors, writers, musicians, artists and humans of intelligence, wit and compassion are invited to join us for monthly readings, presentations, structured feedback, casual conversation, food and drinks.  Unseen & Unheard is an excellent place to share and develop your work, network with an eclectic crew, or simply lend your eyes and ears to the creative process.  If you are interested in attending or would like to submit your work, pleaseemail tracy@mason.holdings.

Some playwrights have included:

Kevin R. Free

Admiral Grey

Devin Burnam

Paul Cohen

Elenna Stauffer

Daniel McCoy

Bixby Elliot

Lia Romeo

Stephen Kaplan

Gracie Gardner

Michael Niederman

Ryan Drake

Robert Kerr

Gene Lee

David Bemis

and. . . YOU?